Red Devil parachutist 'owes pint' after mid-air accident - BBC News

A Red Devil parachutist has said he owes his colleague a pint of beer after the pair got tangled in mid-air but safely reached the ground.

Cpl Mike French, 34, was performing at the Whitehaven Air Show in Cumbria on Friday when the accident happened.

His parachute wrapped around Cpl Wayne Shorthouse but they managed to land in the harbour.

Cpl Shorthouse, 32, from Plymouth, said he was no hero and both men had been trained for such a scenario.

Cpl French said the plan had been for his parachute to be caught by Cpl Shorthouse as the first stage of building a formation.

‘Good parachute’

“As soon as I had made contact with Wayne from the back, I looked up and saw the parachute was a little bit wrapped around,” said Cpl French.

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