On Saturday, Princeton University mathematician John Forbes Nash, Jr., whose life was the subject of the film A Beautiful Mind, was killed, with his wife Alicia, in a taxi crash on the New Jersey Turnpike, NJ.com reports. He was 86. She was 82.

State Police Sgt. Gregory Williams told NJ.com that the taxi driver lost control of his car as he tried to pass another, crashing into a guard rail. The Nashes were reportedly ejected from the car: “It doesn’t appear that they were wearing seatbelts,” Williams said.

The taxi driver was flown to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick with non-life-threatening injuries, Williams said, and the passenger in the car the driver had been trying to pass, which also crashed into the guard rail, was treated for neck pain.

Nash, who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and is best known for his contributions to game theory, won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1994. He and his wife Alicia were first married in 1957, divorced in 1962, and remarried in 2001.*

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