A young woman has revealed how an accident during a ski vacation left her with phenomenally advanced mental abilities after she developed an incredibly rare condition known as acquired savant syndrome. In an essay written for xoJane, the anonymous woman recounts the day that she received her life-changing injury, which took place during a family ski vacation at an unnamed location during the winter break of her senior year in college.’About halfway down the hill, at a speed that was definitely too fast, on a hill that was turning icy quick, I caught an edge and went flying,’ she explained.

‘I blacked out when I hit. And the only reason I know this is because when I came to my brother was crouched next to me and before he had been at the top of the hill.’

The woman added that, because she didn’t experience any long-term effects, such as dizziness or nausea, she continued to ski the day away, despite experiencing a headache and a searing shoulder pain – which she would later discover to be a severe dislocation and a broken collarbone.

Article appears courtesy of US woman reveals how ski accident left her with phenomenally-advanced mental abilities | Daily Mail Online.