A workplace injury can be defined generally as any injury or illness that is sustained as a direct consequence of an employee undertaking their normal duties.

Injuries and illnesses at work can be caused by a wide variety of different circumstances, and can be sustained in a range of different work environments, from construction sites and factories to offices, restaurants and bars.

Whatever the working environment, the employer has a duty of care to not only be fully aware of potential hazards and risks, but provide adequate training and safety rocedures to minimise the risk of serious injury and illness.

Common types of workplace injury

Depending on the working environment and the type of work being done, injuries at work can vary. Here are some of the more common types of workplace accidents:

Slips and trips – these can happen in any workplace, and commonly occur when there has been a spillage or there is uneven floors that have not been adequately sing-posted.

By using appropriate safety sings and reacting quickly to spillages and/or damaged floors, employers can prevent slip, trip and fall claims.

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) – this is common in factories (where employees often have repetitive tasks) as well as offices, especially if employees spend a lot of time typing on keyboards.

Employers should provide adequate regular breaks for employees to help limit the effects of repetitive tasks, and also provide ergonomic equipment whenver necessary.

Industrial deafness – Hearing loss caused by noisy environments – e.g. heavy machinery, music venues etc… can be prevented by employers providing adequate protective gear, particularly ear plugs or noise-cancelling headphones.

5 tips to protect your business from personal injury claims:

  • Be vigilant and identify all areas that could become a potential hazard
  • Be organised and don’t allow any needless clutter to build up around workstations and walkways
  • Make sure all employees have received general health and safety training as well as specific training related to the job they are dong and equipment they are using
  • Ensure all employees have the correct protective equipment for their job and that they wear them at all times e.g. gloves, hard-hats, eye-goggles etc…
  • Maintain an accident book and record all accidents and injuries – no matter how minor they may seem

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