A beauty salon boss was knocked out cold and left with a suspected broken neck when her Ice Bucket Challenge went badly wrong.

Amanda Davey got a drenching from mum Irene Vitali as she took part in the worldwide internet craze.

Like many participants who run from the camera after the soaking, the 40-year-old sprinted into the kitchen, laughing and in shock from the freezing water.

But the mum-of-two slipped on the floor, landing completely on her head, and was knocked unconscious.

When Amanda came round, her speech was slurred and so her family rushed her to hospital.

Medics who examined the businesswoman’s black and blue scalp said she had been very lucky not to break her neck.

Amanda was left with severe whiplash and heavy bruising.

Full story courtesy of  Most shocking Ice Bucket Challenge fail leaves mum with suspected broken neck – Irish Mirror Online.