The worst drivers for causing crashes are doctors and surgeons, according to an analysis of two million insurance claims in Britain which reveals an extraordinary concentration of problem driving among healthcare professionals.

The analysis, by, found surgeons and GPs are nearly 100 times more likely to cause an “at-fault” crash while driving than a building society clerk.

For every 1,000 surgeons who drive a car, 361 made an at-fault claim in the past five years, compared to just 3.5 building society clerks, the research found.

But it’s not just doctors who are a danger on the roads. The figures show that of the top 10 occupations registering an at-fault claim were all, bar one, connected to the healthcare profession – including district nurses, community nurses, health visitors and hospital consultants.

Kevin Pratt, car insurance expert at Moneysuperarket, said stress and tiredness may be behind the figures. “One industry dominates the top 10 claims table – it seems those who have the responsibility of saving our lives and caring for our health are the most accident-prone drivers.

“There is no doubt that surgeons, GPs and health visitors are all stressful jobs, so lack of time or tiredness could mean that these drivers are more likely to make an at-fault claim.”

At the other end of the scale, clerks in offices make the fewest at-fault claims. By far the safest drivers on the roads are building society clerks, followed by order clerks and audit clerks, with wages clerks and typists also featuring among the occupations least likely to claim.

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