If you get injured in an accident, the last thing you want is for some solicitor to say in hind-sight, “I wish you would have done this” or “I wish you wouldn’t have done that.” So here are 5 things people should do post-accident.


Sometimes it takes time for an injury to manifest itself. Let medical personal make that determination. While you might be a little sore immediately afterward, it isn’t until the next morning or the morning after, when you try to get out of bed, that you might be shocked by the pain and stiffness. If you haven’t seen a doctor, see one and make sure that you are okay. Too many people have problems after the statute of limitations (the time to file a claim) runs. Never assume that you’re not hurt.


this correlates with Number 1 above. Because people assume that they’re not hurt, they don’t call the gardaí and merely exchange insurance information. This causes an evidentiary issue later on. Although the Garda record is not always accurate, it creates a good starting point for determining what took place and who should recover damages. If you’ve had an accident, and didn’t call the Gardaí, you can still recover the full extent of your damages, but there will be many more hoops to jump. Always call the gardaí.


There is an example case where an individual who had diagnosed injuries and excruciating back pain from a slip and fall, had refused to treat the injuries. The plaintiff won the case, but the award was far too small because the assumption was that it must not be that bad if you don’t want to treat it. As a plaintiff, the law requires you to mitigate your damages. If you fail to get treated your injury your award will be smaller. Get treatment.


The other person’s insurance company is going to try and give you a very small settlement. They will back it up by a calculation that, on its face and without thinking, may sound reasonable. But remember, their bottom line is to make money, the smaller your settlement the more smiles from their shareholders. Call a solicitor before you settle anything with an insurance company.


Effort, knowledge & experience produce results in the practice of law. You’ll find lots of intelligent solicitors, but if they’re not willing to put forth the effort to get you what you deserve, then you might be out of luck. Remember, if you hire the solicitor, you can fire the solicitor if he/she is not performing satisfactorily.

Ask your friends and relations to refer you, and ask questions at the initial consultation. You need to utilize the initial consultation time to use your best judgment to make sure he/she is the right solicitor to get you what you deserve.



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