A workplace injury is an illness or injury that arises as a result of or in direct relation to an employee’s job.

Such injuries and illnesses can occur under a range of circumstances in various working environments from offices and factories to bars and restaurants. As an employer, regardless of the location of your workplace, you must be aware of the potential injuries and illnesses, how they can occur and what preventative measures you must take.

It is therefore vital that you take the necessary steps to protect your business and your employees from injuries and illnesses in the workplace, and the subsequent claims that will arise.

Types of injuries in the workplace

Workplace injuries usually happen due to a lack of safety measures or knowledge of the types of injuries that can easily be prevented by employers. Some of the most common workplace injuries are:

Slips, trips and falls can occur in any working environment where: a spillage occurs, there is uneven flooring or there are improperly signposted staircases. Employers can avoid slips, trips and falls through the proper maintenance of surfaces and efficient signage.

Burns in the workplace are commonly chemical, and tend to arise in industrial environments or the beauty industry. Employers should also be aware that burns can occur in commonplace circumstances such as a scalding in a kitchen within the office environment. Burns can be prevented when simple safety measures are put in place, for instance gloves and signage, and employees are properly trained.

Repetitive strain injury (RSI) or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome afflicts office workers who regularly use keyboards and any other role that requires frequent or constant motion. This can easily be prevented with the introduction of breaks throughout the working day and, if appropriate, stretching exercises to ensure joints and muscles do not seize up.

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