A 64-year-old woman was struck by a car during a zombie walk Saturday evening near the site of Comic-Con International 2014, according to local California station Channel 5 KTLA news.

Initial reports claimed that the driver and his family, who are all deaf, had lost their composure due to the walkers who, dressed up as zombies, starting banging on the car and even smashing the windshield, causing the driver to get away as fast as possible, striking and severely injuring a lady before turning himself into authorities.

As the news slowly starting coming out, it was stated that the lady was one of the walkers who had taken part of hitting the car. It was believed that there were no charges to be filed.

Initially the incident appeared to be a huge accident and misunderstanding for all involved, but according to eyewitness accounts from people not only participating in the walk but also those just observing, this is not the case. Updated reports now say that the gentleman driving the car had become impatient with the large crowd of people, honking his horn and making his way through the group of people.

Then after losing his temper, he finally just sped through, striking the woman who was only observing the walk, running over her arm and breaking it. Some of the walkers started chasing after the car, pounding on it and breaking the windshield in an attempt to stop the driver from fleeing the scene. The driver finally stopped near an officer and turned himself in.

According to the official twitter account for the ZombieWalk , the man has been detained and arrested following the incident. There have been other comments from people saying that other drivers had opted to turn around seeing the huge crowd, while this driver for whatever reason decided to try and make his way through.

This story is as shocking as it is sad. When learning at first that the driver may have tried to get away because the zombie walkers were banging on the car, damaging it and scaring his family, I was sympathetic. It’s one thing to get into character. Really into character. But at what cost? Certainly not your life.

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