Authorities are searching for a man who is accused of abandoning an injured infant at the scene of a rollover accident Sunday night in Montgomery County, the Texas Department of Public Service said.

The crash happened around 10:30 p.m. in northern Montgomery County.

“They did a slide deal and hit that mailbox,” said Marshall Davis, who lives nearby. “That car flipped over a couple of times and landed right here.”

“We heard a loud boom,” said David Davis, Marshall’s dad. “There was a lot of dust, and I saw a guy running past my shop with a red hoodie on — running full speed.”

They rushed to the scene and found a baby lying face down in the road and bleeding.

“The baby was obviously not strapped in. He had landed, like, right here and had blood on its head,” Davis said. “My neighbor down the road, she picked it up, and I’ve never seen anything quite like it.”

Officials said the child had been ejected from a Ford Fusion, which was upside down about 20 feet away.

The infant was airlifted to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston.

DPS confirmed the child was treated for cuts and bruises, but otherwise is doing fine.

“That is all that matters, the kid is OK,” Becky Warren said.

A woman who said she was the baby’s mother told witnesses at the scene her husband left home with the baby traveling at a high rate of speed.

DPS will not confirm the father was driving the vehicle.

The driver fled the scene of the accident, authorities said.

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