Although those are common ways in which millions of us become injured every year, many of us are also suffering at the hands of the items we bring into our home that have become faulty and malfunctioned in such a way that they cause us an injury. It’s even been suggested that this could be one of the reasons why commercial insurance rates are rising, due to them having to pay out for personal injuries on behalf of the company at fault.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t understand the product liability law which can work to protect you and earn you the compensation you deserve after being injured by a faulty item in your home. Below we’ve detailed the three actions you must take (and the order in which you must take them) after becoming injured to increase the likelihood of your claim going through.

1) If You Require Hospital Treatment, Take It

Now isn’t a time to “tough it out.” If you receive an injury by using a product within your home and you believe you require hospital assistance, you should absolutely take it. Why? For a number of reasons:

You’re injured: Simple enough; if you’re injured you need whatever treatment is necessary to patch you up and reduce any infection you may have received.

It helps prove, later on, how injured you were: When making your injury claim it helps a great deal if you can show that your injuries were bad enough for you to require hospital care.

You’ll receive (or should ask for) a written report from your doctor, and/or the emergency services: This report will serve you well when making your claim as it’ll list your injuries in specific detail. You can get hold of it later, but it’s much easier to get a copy at the time.

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