The most expensive houses in Romania are located in Bucharest, namely a 38-room palace which is up for sale for EUR 7.5 million, and a villa in Romana Square, on sale for EUR 7 million, according to a statement of, cited by local Mediafax.

The palace is located in Bucharest’s Old Town, has a usable area of 2,000 sqm, 38 rooms on a plot of some 1,200 sqm. The construction was consolidated and fully renovated in 1994 and hosted a bank headquarters.

The second most expensive building is also located in downtown Bucharest, in Romana Square. It was completed in 1935 and is made of four buildings totalling some 2,000 sqm. It has 18 rooms and has a plot of some 2,560 sqm.

A 25-room villa located in Bucharest’s Universitate area is also up for sale for EUR 6.5 million. Built in 1900, the building has a usable area of 1,554 sqm.

At a national level, the Udriste-Nasturel mansion in Giurgiu county, built in 1700, is on sale for EUR 1.85 million. The 20-room house has a 1,350 sqm usable area and a 5,000 sqm plot of land. It also includes 3.37 hectares of farmland.

A building in downtown Craiova is also up for sale for EUR 2.1 million. It is located on a 1,850 sqm land and has a usable area of 794 sqm. Also in Craiova, an old building dating since 1910 is on sale for EUR 1.25 million.

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