Many house sellers, particularly those in the less desired northern areas, have their home on the open property market for more than six months – and finally end up selling for less than 80% of their original asking price,” reports Richard Mews, senior relationship manager of sell my house fast company, Property Result.

For this reason, his company has released a special free report detailing how house sellers can sell their homes within just 28 days, and made it available for free download on the company website.

In this free guide, UK house sellers who need a fast house sale will learn how to spot genuine fast house buyers with ready cash who will make them an immediate offer, from the many companies recently springing up in the UK that claim to be cash buyers, but who are in fact middlemen who will search for a mortgage buyer – or even worse, conmen, out to take advantage of vulnerable sellers in unfortunate situations.

Full story via Fast House Sales Buyer Richard Mews Reveals Expensive Mistakes UK House Sellers Are Making – Press Release – Digital Journal.