The recovery of the property market has spread outside of Dublin, with sales rising in 25 of the 26 counties last year, according to a new study from property website

The study finds that there were 29,772 property sales recorded in 2013, up 18pc from 25,142 in 2012.

There was also an increase in the amount of money spent on property in 21 counties.

Dublin was top of the list for property sales last year with over 10,000 transactions and €3.6bn spent.

While Dublin accounted for over a third of overall sales, the study suggests that sales are increasing at a faster rate in 12 other counties, including several counties in the main commuter belt, a couple in the south east, and a number in the border area.

While many of the increases came off a low base, sales shot up in counties such as Leitrim (57pc), Cavan (55pc), Roscommon (36pc), Monaghan (32pc) and Longford (24pc).

The commuter belt counties of Kildare, Meath, Westmeath (24pc) and Wicklow (23pc) all saw substantial increases, as did Waterford (25pc) and Carlow (41pc). In the west, Galway recorded sales growth of 32pc.

With a drop of 3pc, Laois was the only county where sales fell last year. All but six other counties recorded double-digit growth in sales.

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