Foreign investment in Spain’s housing market in 2013 was the highest for nine years, at €6.45 billion (US$8.95 billion), up 16% on the previous year, according to the Bank of Spain.

British nationals were the biggest buyers with 15.1% of total foreign residential property purchases.  The French bought 9.84%, the Russians 8.58%, and Belgians with 7.26%.

Foreign investment helped the rate of house-price falls slow to 7.8% last year, compared to a price decline of 15.1% in 2102.  Spanish home prices are now declining by only 4.1% per annum.  But sales of new housing units fell by 37.4% year-on-year to February, according to the National Institute of Statistics.

Spain, Europe’s fifth-largest economy, has witnessed a drop of up to 40% in home prices since 2007. Due to restricted credit, withdrawal of tax benefits, and rising unemployment, it is becoming increasingly difficult for locals to buy properties.

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