House sales complaints rose from 4,261 in 2012, while complaints about letting rose by 1,845 from 8,334 in 2012.

In total the Property Ombudsman received 16,378 complaints last year, a 22.9 per cent increase on the 13,321 complaints received in 2012.

The ombudsman says 837 complaints about house sales were resolved last year, 236 of which were settled without going to a formal review.

Some 1,273 complaints about lettings were resolved last year, 358 of which did not need to go to the formal review stage.

House sales complaints:

Of those that went to a formal review, 70 per cent of house sales complaints and 79 per cent of lettings complaints were resolved in favour of the complainant.

The Property Ombudsman found in favour of the complainant in 45 per cent of lettings cases and 35 per cent of sales cases that did not require a formal review.

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