Personal Injury Bogus ClaimsA DOCTOR who provided a ‘bogus’ medical report so a relative could make a false whiplash claim was suspended for six months after a tribunal heard his wife put him up to the scam.

Dr Anthony Kaufman has produced more than 10,000 reports for use in personal injury claims and provided his services for Chester-based Countrywide Doctors’ Services Ltd, formed by wife Pauline in 2011.

Mrs Kaufman persuaded her daughter’s fiancé, Max Turbett, to make a claim following a car crash, in which he sustained minor injuries, the tribunal heard.

The former Royal Marine was never examined, but the doctor ‘fabricated’ injuries and ongoing effects of the accident before sending the form to Hampson Hughes solicitors.

The scam was exposed when Mr Turbett dropped the claim and alerted the General Medical Council following a family bust-up around April 2012, the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service heard.

Dr Kaufman had claimed that he had conducted a physical exam in Mr Turbett’s home, in Wimborne, Dorset and the information on the report was accurate.

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