A property sale delivering a profit of more than £1 million has left Maria Miller facing fresh questions about her financial affairs.

The Culture Secretary and her husband Iain Miller bought the property, a five-bedroom Victorian house in Wimbledon, south-west London, in 1995 for £234,000. Ten years later, Mrs Miller was elected as Conservative MP for Basingstoke.

When she signed up for the House of Commons expenses system, she told the parliamentary authorities the Wimbledon house would be her second home while she lived mainly in her Hampshire constituency in a rented property.

That allowed her to claim expenses for the Wimbledon house.

In her first year as an MP, she claimed £21,632 for the house, including £244 on crockery, £207.50 on kitchen ware and then a further £477 on crockery.

via Will Maria Miller pay tax on £1.4m house sale? – Telegraph.