An Olympic track worker has broken both of his legs and may have a concussion after he was struck by a bobsled.

The worker was on the track when he was hit by a forerunning sled near the finish line at the Sanki Sliding Centre, just before the start of today’s two-man bobsled training.

‘We still do not know why he was in this zone and exactly what happened,’ said Thomas Bach, the IOC president.


Mr Bach added that the worker ‘maybe’ has a concussion.

Later, IOC spokesman Mark Adams told the Associated Press: ‘I understand he is conscious and talking and has two broken legs.’

Sochi organisers said the unidentified man was taken by helicopter to a hospital, but gave no other information about his injuries. Officials said the crash took place just before the finish line, which would suggest that the sled likely had not yet started to brake.

‘According to standard procedure, a warning signal was given ahead of the forerunners’ bob beginning its run on the track,’ Sochi organisers said in a statement released more than three hours after the accident. ‘The reasons for the icemaker’s presence on the track after the warning signal are currently being determined.’

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