A top investment banker and her stay-at-home husband are locked in an £11m divorce battle, after an argument on a family holiday ended their marriage.

House husband, Weng Choy, filed for divorce from his “breadwinner” wife, Lena Tan, in January 2012, after a row days earlier on New Year’s Eve, whilst on a family holiday in Singapore, proved the “final straw”, lawyers say.

Ms Tan and Mr Choy lived an opulent lifestyle during their 15-year marriage, enjoying homes in Hong Kong and Malaysia, a staggering £1m wine collection and the “jewel in the crown” of their marital assets, an unmortgaged £4.5m apartment in Kensington.

Now Mr Choy, 56, is asking the English courts to hand him a slice of the marital assets – valued by lawyers at £11m – while his wife insists he has no right to divorce her in the UK.

London’s Appeal Court heard that the jet-setting “international” couple, whose two sons boarded at English public schools, split up in January 2012, when Mr Choy, 56, filed for divorce in the English High Court, after a blazing row on New Year’s Eve 2011.

via Top investment banking wife and stay-at-home husband in £11m divorce battle – Telegraph.