Matrimonial Survey 2013

Matrimonial Survey 2013

Our 10th annual matrimonial survey of UK family lawyers looks at current trends in family law – and reveals the who, why and how much of UK divorce.

Since the inception of Grant Thornton’s matrimonial survey 10 years ago, the landscape of family law has changed considerably, with shifting family dynamics and landmark judgments making headlines, including in 2013: Prest-v-Petrodel, M-v-M and the removal of legal aid for most family cases. Coupled with a significant downturn in the global economy, all this has meant that the issues facing family lawyers are constantly evolving.

Our latest survey canvassed the opinions of 85 of the UK’s leading family lawyers. Here are some of the key statistics from our 2013 matrimonial survey, which is also available for download.


In response to predictions relating to increases in ‘silver splitters’, we asked lawyers about the age of their clients – 86% said that the most common age of their clients was 40 to 49, with a further 10% saying 30 to 39. More than half (53%) of respondents said that they had seen no change in the age of people getting divorced, although 38% did say that they had seen an increase in the parties’ ages.

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