Dealing with Divorce

Dealing with Divorce

Renee Bauer has served as a family law practitioner for 10 years supporting struggling couples with the process of divorce.

The local resident said that with so much inaccurate material available about the subject, she thought it would be fitting to combine her knowledge of the business and her passion for writing to produce a book that will properly address someone’s needs.

Bauer’s recently released publication, “Divorce in Connecticut: The Legal Process, Your Rights, and What to Expect,” seeks to tackle those issues while presenting questions and answers for couples looking for the best approach to handle a divorce.

Bauer, who calls herself an attorney by day and a writer by night, believes the book is the perfect tool for anyone in the divorce journey to turn to.

“It’s about empowering people to make rational decisions and to instruct them on anything they want to ask their attorney throughout the procedure,” said Bauer. “If I can alleviate their tension and stress from this, then I feel like I’ve done a service.”

The book, which took four months to write and follows her first book, “The Ultimate Guide to Solo and Small Firm Success,” is also one that Bauer said tends to the average customer facing a life-altering change and one that people can go through with both clarity and comfort.

“Knowledge is power,” said Bauer. “Sometimes, the unknown is what causes so much of the anxiety.”

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