Separation and divorce can be a very painful and stressful event in the life of a family. But it can also be a welcome relief after months, and sometimes years, of conflict between the parents. This time of adjustment after a divorce can also be painful and stressful as each person in the family may need to adjust to a new identity.

Children are innocent victims of their parent’s divorce and need special attention. When children are dealing with their parent’s divorce they often feel alone and helpless. The children may feel scared, sad, guilty and confused. They may hide their feelings from their parents because they are worried about the happiness of the parent or because they do not know how to express their feelings appropriately. Older children may ‘act out’ their emotions at home or at school. Behavioral problems may arise. Younger children may regress to former behaviors such as bed wetting or sucking their fingers.

Children of all ages often blame themselves for their parent’s separation. They feel that perhaps they were the cause of their parent’s divorce – Children feel they were “not good enough.” Children need to hear that divorce is an adult problem and not their problem. The children had nothing to do with the separation and they could not prevent it from happening.

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