British nuclear operators are likely to be sued for billions of pounds by the Irish government and Irish victims of any radioactive damage they cause under legal changes to be introduced this year. Dublin officials have long reported about the potential impact of the UK’s civil nuclear programme close to the Irish shores, with specific focus on the safety record of Sellafield. The Cumbria site is located less than 100 miles from Ireland’s east coast.

It is known that Ireland itself produces no nuclear energy. However the Greenpeace has warned that the dumping of the reprocessing plant’s liquid waste has made the Irish Sea among the most contaminated waters in the world.

Irish fishermen have caught unsalable mutated fish. They also claim to have been exposed to low-level radiation.

Ireland’s government and environmental campaigners have struggled to find international legal way to suppress Britain’s nuclear activity, which is soon to be expanded with a new fleet of power plants starting with Hinkley Point C, located in Somerset.

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