Coleen Nolan has said she is “horrified” at the thought of dating again as she prepares to divorce her husband of 10 years.

The Loose Women host and singer, 53, split from Ray Fensome in February.

Nolan revealed their 17-year-old daughter, Ciara, told her to make a decision on the future of the relationship because she “couldn’t stand the atmosphere” at the family home.

She told the Press Association: “As far as the dating game goes that absolutely horrifies me right now because it’s all too new and I can’t imagine it, I’m blushing even talking about it. But would I say absolutely not? No. If it happens, how lovely.

“I mean that will be another new chapter and it would be lovely. I can’t imagine it, I never seem to meet anyone anyway.”

She said online dating for celebrities is “difficult”, adding: “Because you’d go, ‘Well they only want to date me because I’m on the telly’. Which again is me being insecure about myself because they might not, they might think I’m really nice. But I would always think that. ”

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