‘It feels like I married a different person’: Husband of woman in e-scooter accident

He misses his wife’s smile and her sociable personality. He remembers her cheerful confidence when she played cards with her friends.

Now, it seems as if Leong Loon Wah, 55, is living with a stranger who keeps her thoughts to herself.

His wife, Ang Liu Kiow, 55, was involved in a collision with an electric scooter ridden by a 17-year-old boy in September 2016.

The incident left her in a coma for a month with severe head injuries.

But for him, the effort comes too late, he told The Sunday Times yesterday at their four-room flat in Pasir Ris.

Leong said in Mandarin: “I can understand the need for alternative forms of transportation. The fact is, on that day of the collision, we were unlucky.

“There’s no insurance coverage and it was a youth who was involved… I didn’t ask to be in this position. And nobody should be in this position too.”

The teen was charged in October last year with causing grievous hurt to Ang when riding his e-scooter along a pavement in front of a bus stop in Pasir Ris Drive 1.

Remarkably, Ang, a housewife, was well enough to be discharged from hospital just before Christmas 2016.

Her condition has now improved slightly, said her son, Wilson Leong, 24.

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