A woman has been awarded almost €20,000 for past and future pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life as a result of injuries suffered when she slipped and fell at a pub in Wicklow in 2012.

Mr Justice Keane said that the pub was negligent and in breach of duty by failing to install a handrail on each side of the ramp, and rejected arguments that the woman was guilty of contributory negligence.


In the High Court, Ms Danielle Busher sought damages from Altona Taverns Limited T/A The Old Forge for personal injuries sustained when she slipped and fell at while attending a birthday party at The Old Forge in Wicklow in December 2012.

The Court heard that the party was being held in an upstairs room at the venue, adjacent to which there was an adjoining flat-roof that had been converted into an external smoking area. When Ms Busher was walking down the ramp to exit the smoking area, she slipped and fell backwards, landing on her back and striking her head on the ramp.

After the fall, Ms Busher experienced increasing pain or soreness, then headaches and backpain throughout the night before attending an out of hours GP the following day where she was referred to A&E for an x-ray. There was no evidence of a fracture and Ms Busher was prescribed painkillers.

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Source: Irish Legal