Limerick has emerged as the county with the highest number of personal injuries awards per capita.

The county is top of the list by some distance, followed by Longford and then Louth.

Limerick claimants received proportionally more awards at the Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB) than any other county in Ireland.

The figures relate to the 10-year period from 2007 to 2016 and are based on a six-month research project by ‘RTÉ Investigates’.

The statistics show that residents of Limerick got 388 injury awards from the PIAB for every 10,000 people during this period.

This is more than three times the number of the lowest county, Kilkenny, which received just 122 awards.

There was also a high level of awards paid out in Longford, Louth, Dublin and Tipperary.

The average number of awards for all counties was 207.

A State body, the PIAB decides the value of a personal injury claim where liability is undisputed. The majority of claims taken to the PIAB relate to alleged road traffic collisions.

The PIAB was set up to process claims quickly and cheaply without the need for cases to be heard in the courts. It generally does not pay legal fees.

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