Motorcyclists are not allowed to use bus lanes and should “think of their families” before taking risks like weaving in and out of traffic, driving in t-shirts and drink driving, the Road Safety Authority has warned.

Launching a bank holiday weekend safety campaign aimed primarily at motorcyclists, authority chief executive Moyagh Murdock the summer was “high risk” time for motorcyclists.

She asked that they remember they are among the most vulnerable of road users, remarking that just “a clip” between two cars which might result in a broken wing mirror, could result in very serious injury for a motorcyclist.

Road Safety Authority chairwoman Liz O’Donnell asked motorcyclists to be aware of the safety message and “to think of their families” before taking to the road this weekend.

Since 2010 some 171 motorcyclists have been killed and 629 seriously injured and an examination of forensic investigation files completed in 2016 found almost a third of motorcyclists involved in fatal collisions between 2008 and 2012 had consumed alcohol.

The investigation also found speeding was a factor is almost half of all motorcyclist deaths.

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