A woman in the US has been jailed for killing her boyfriend in a stunt gone wrong which they hoped would go viral on the video sharing site, YouTube.

The BBC are reporting how Monalisa Perez, now 20, was asked by Pedro Ruiz, 22, to fire a gun from 30cm away, believing a thick book he held in front of his chest would shield him.

The bullet pierced the 1.5in book and fatally wounded Ruiz.

Minnesota Judge Jeffrey Remick set out the terms agreed under plea bargaining on Wednesday. Perez will:

Serve a 180-day jail term. This will be an alternating 10 days in jail and 10 days out for the first six months, amounting to 90 days behind bars. The remaining 90 days can be served in home confinement. The jail time can be served in South Dakota, where she now lives
Serve 10 years of supervised probation
Be banned for life from owning firearms
Make no financial gain from the case

Source: BBC