A Onepoll survey asked 1000 consumers whether they believed they could make a compensation claim for a number of different accident scenarios. Out of those people only 40% of people recognised that they could claim if they sustained an injury whilst on a package holiday abroad.

People go on holiday to relax, switch off and have a good time, and no one expects to fall ill when away, but sadly it does happen, from tripping on a badly maintained section of a walkway in the hotel grounds to unmarked wet spots in walkways and hotel restaurants: although surprisingly the most common way for a holiday to end badly is contracting food poisoning from a hotel’s poor sanitation or hygiene.

“To qualify for a compensation claim the injury needs to be the fault of the travel agent or their representatives such as hotel staff. It is the travel provider’s responsibility to make sure that their pick of hotels and accommodation is safe and doesn’t put people in unnecessary danger.”

Compensation will only be awarded if it can proved that either the travel organisers – or their representatives at the accommodation – were negligent in causing the injury. This can include accommodation being badly maintained or dangerous and warnings not being given about potential accident risks. For example someone couldn’t claim if they tripped on a badly maintained pavement in the local town centre because the holiday organiser wouldn’t be held responsible.

“Injuries – even small ones – can have lasting repercussions on not only your health but your happiness and finances. A holiday should be a time of relaxation and enjoyment; but if you injure yourself this won’t be the case.”

“Injuries sustained abroad can be tricky because of the need to seek medical treatment in a foreign country where it’s likely you don’t speak the native language.” This could make return travel home more difficult; perhaps even delay it if the injury or illness is severe. This could result in hefty expenses including medical treatment, alternative travel arrangements and taxi fares. Time off work may be needed on returning home in order to recover from injuries which could result in a loss of wages.

If anyone suffers an injury then they must report it straight away to the package organiser’s representative at the resort; or failing that a Rep at the organiser’s head office in the UK. The accident should also be reported to the hotel management and recorded in an accident book. A copy of the entry should be asked for and keep alongside a record of any information which could help the claim including photographs of the area the injury happened, a copy of the doctor’s report, details of any witnesses who saw the accident and anything else you deem as relevant.

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