A SKYDIVER who was brain injured after landing head-first on a bitumen road claims he was given the go-ahead to jump well away from a safe landing zone.

Matthew Lynam, 30, has lost the use of parts of the left side of his body and has been unable to work since the 2011 skydiving accident at Tully in north Queensland.

Mr Lynam was given the green light to jump at 14,000 feet, when the Cessna C208 ­aircraft was about 2.5km off the approach route line or away from the drop zone, it is alleged.

The novice skydiver had been involved in a four-person team jump during the Go Troppo Boogie skydiving event at Tully on September 17, 2011.

He had to dodge trees and powerlines because he could not reach the drop zone, his Supreme Court claim says.

As he tried to steer his parachute left to avoid the ground obstacles, it increased the speed of his descent and he lost control, dropping on to a road in Tully, not far from the hospital.

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