Chris McGovern, of pressure group Campaign for Real Education, said: ‘Look, people fall over. This money which has been paid out would be better spent on teaching children.

‘The whole culture of compensation – from staff, parents and children – has made school totally risk averse.’

Conservative MP for Monmouth David Davies added: ‘This does seem a ludicrous sum of money for an accident that frankly could have happened anywhere. Surely the money could have been better spent on teaching the children.

‘But sadly this appears to be another example of the ridiculous compensation culture that has taken grip in our country.’

A spokesman for the council said: ‘Where a claim is fully supported by evidence then a settlement will be considered so as to save incurring costs of unnecessary litigation.

‘Where that is not the case the matter will be resisted.’

The payout is the latest in a list of awards to public sector workers that cost taxpayers millions.

In March it emerged that a teacher was awarded £230,000 for slipping on a sachet of tomato ketchup in a corridor at a school in Essex.

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