A personal injury claim topping £54k has been stopped in its tracks by motor fraud specialists Asset Protection Unit (APU).

The incident involving a flatbed lorry and a vehicle fitted with an In-Car Cleverness (ICC) telematics device was analysed prior to a County Court hearing where the claim was terminated.

The ICC telematics device enabled APU investigators to assess the low speed collision and determine that, due to the difference in size and weight of the vehicles, the claimed injuries were completely implausible.

The case further underlines the role telematics can play in reducing fraud, helping insurance companies to prevent unjustified insurance payouts and offer affordable premiums.

Neil Thomas, director of investigative services at APU, said: “Motorists must be careful of opportunists who apparently escalate the severity of an incident in an attempt to profit from the situation.”

In this case, three claimants overstated the extent of the incident, leading to the £54,000 demand which Aviva insurance will have had to pay out had APU not intervened

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