A man sat on a bollard during a shopping trip to Cork City only to find it disappear into the ground without warning, throwing him on to his back.

Harry Peglar’s injuries resulted in a €7,500 award against Cork City Council yesterday.

“I sat on the bollard [for] a couple of minutes and I didn’t know no more and I was on the flat of my back. Three girls saw what happened and they were sniggering. I was ashamed of my life,” Mr Peglar, from Mulgrave Road, Cork, said during his claim for compensation at Cork Circuit Court against the local authority.

Asked by his counsel, Donal Ryan, if there was any warning for the bollard disappearing underneath him, he said: “No, it just sunk into the ground.”

He said he was in such pain at the time he could not sit down so he could not get a taxi home. Instead, he walked home and went to bed and rested his back for a few days.

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