Dealing with the Stress Related to a Personal Injury. It can be difficult to deal with the pain, stress and aggravation that is typically associated with a personal injury. Depending on its extent, you may have to contend with an endless pile of bills, limited to no money coming in, and physical and mental anguish. This can have a crippling effect on your work, personal and family life. A knowledgeable and experienced personal injury attorney can determine if you have a case or not. In doing so, they can aggressively pursue the appropriate avenues to determine if neglect was at the center of these issues. If so, they can seek the proper monetary compensation for the client, and possibly prevent this from happening to anyone else.Note that most reputable personal injury firms follow the contingency model; they do not take a fee unless you get financial recovery. If a permanent injury or death was the end result, you or your family members may need the help of a physical therapist or counselor/therapist to get through this traumatic ordeal.