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Personal safety Be aware to be safe. It doesn’t matter if you live in a city, town or five miles from your nearest neighbour, personal safety is always an issue. Most of us have an attitude of “no way is that gonna happen to me” or “nothing bad ever happens around here” towards our safety and we often take stupid risks.

Think about it: have you ever accepted a lift home from a drunk person or done something crazy when drunk or high?Personal safety can mean not walking home alone at night, always telling someone where you’re going, making sure you have enough money for a taxi on a night out, not accepting drinks from strangers or knowing your own alcohol limit.

Smart to safetyIt’s impossible to know when your safety is at risk, and attacks, muggings or accidents can happen in your hometown, a city or when on holidays. However, here’s some common sense advice to reduce your chance of getting in trouble.

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