Personal Injury ClaimO’Brien Ronayne has unparalleled experience when it  comes to dealing with accident claims. Sean O’Brien has specialised in such claims for over 25 years at this stage. Our clients need to know that they have  experienced litigators on their side when it comes to dealing with their accident cases.

Unfortunately, in Ireland in recent years, those who take personal injuries claims have become somewhat demonised. In O’Brien Ronayne you  can rest assured that you have a firm of solicitors, who will do their utmost to bring your claim to a satisfactory conclusion.

Sean O’Brien is experienced in taking all types of accident claims, including road traffic accidents, industrial accidents, accidents that occur in a public place, medical negligence cases, in all courts in Ireland. Our firm has been involved in settling some of the biggest cases in recent years, however we pride ourselves we pay as much attention to the small case as to larger cases. If you have any queries arising out of an accident which occurred recently please don’t hesitate to contact Sean O’Brien or Martina Larkin

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